We want you to enjoy your experience with our marketplace. Therefore, if you have any problems we want to help fix it and make it right.

Digital Downloads

Products purchased from our website are delivered instantly through download links. These links are sent to the email address your provide during the checkout process. You may also see the download page immediately following your payment, depending upon which payment method you use.

Some files may delivered in a compressed format to reduce the download time. Compressed files will often be one of the following file formats:


After the download completes, these compressed files must be extracted using a free software program. You may search the internet for all of the available programs; however, we recommended WinZip or WinRar.
Missing Downloads

After you have purchased a file please check your email inbox and your junk mail folder for a download email with the subject “Tradebit access code“. This email contains the instructions for downloading your product(s).

If you did not receive your email, you can get your download easily with the identification number of the file you purchased and your email address. Once you have this information, follow this link:

If you do not know the file id number, please refer back to the page on our website from which you purchased the product. It is located on the top of the page.
Product Support

Please remember, we are a file hosting platform. We can not offer support for the products which are sold here. Please email the seller if you have questions about a product.


We hope that you are pleased with your purchase. If not, please try to work with the seller to correct any problems.

If you remain unsatisfied with the product you purchased, we would like for you to receive a full refund. You can use the information contained in your download email for customer support options, or email